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19 Apr, 2016 12:45

Biblical beer: Brewers recreate 2,000yo recipe using genetic sample

Biblical beer: Brewers recreate 2,000yo recipe using genetic sample

WWJD has a whole new meaning now that brewers in Jerusalem have re-created a beer dating back to the days of Jesus - all thanks to a sample from genetic scientists.

Herzl, Israel’s smallest brewery, used 5kg of ancient wheat donated by geneticists at Tel Aviv University and whipped up 20 liters of “biblical beer.”

The process wasn’t quite as easy or quick as turning water into wine, instead taking six months to brew.

Hops, yeast, and water were combined with the grain during the process.

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"It's really not the kind of flavor that has a market," Herzl owner Itai Gutman said, according to Reuters.

The beer has 3 percent alcohol content with hints of honey and berries. Those who got to drink it weren’t overly impressed, but the brewers only have one bottle left.

Wine gets most of the glory in the bible - and continues to represent the blood of Christ in modern ceremonies, but beer was enjoyed by the ancient Israelites after it was exported from Egypt, according to the Jewish Museum in Munich.

Anyone curious about the beer will have to look elsewhere as the brewery says it has no plans to brew more of it. They are known for other curious concoctions including a porter peppered with Cuban tobacco.

#herzl #beer #embargo Cuban tobacco leaf porter. Yummy. #craft #israeli

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The versatility of the brewing process allows for experimentation.

The Japanese beer Precious has collagen in it, which its brewer claims will clean skin and make those who drink it look younger.

Hipsters have been big drivers of the growing craft beer industry, inspiring a beer in Oregon that uses yeast from the brewers’ own beard. Apparently it’s quite nice, but we’ll take their word for it.