Taking the piss: Drunk student falls asleep in urinal (PHOTO)

Taking the piss: Drunk student falls asleep in urinal (PHOTO)
Sleeping one off after a long night of drinking has rarely smelled so bad - after this guy in South Carolina passed out in a urinal wearing what may be the world’s ugliest shirt.

A photo of the unfortunate snoozing spot for the man presumed to be a student from a nearby university was posted to Reddit Saturday, aptly titled “College done not so right”.

Amazingly, Reddit user MarcelusWallace was able to pinpoint the location of the urinal to a bar called Pavlov’s, even though the only clues were graffiti on the wall and urine on the floor.

A case of been there, done that, perhaps?

The photo has now been viewed more than 1.3 million times.

When one user asked if the urinal was “clean at least”, Mr_Peppermint_man, who uploaded the image, was able to concretely confirm that, “No. No it was not.”

Some Reddit users noted that maybe the unidentified man’s sleeping arrangement was a result of the increasing cost of university, while others suggested that it may in fact have been his ambition all along.

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For others, it wasn't only the choice of bed for the night that disgusted them, but rather his fashion sense, which is fair.

Ultimately though, while many thought such urinal-based antics probably couldn’t get any worse, everybody was proved wrong when this video was posted showing a man sliding through a large urinal for a bet.