Man makes fun of Syrian refugee boy at Istanbul playground, 'alerting' him of 'airstrike' (VIDEO)

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A video of a small boy running for his life at a Turkish playground after a grown-up man makes fun of him by "warning" of a "bomber" plane overhead has emerged online.

The video was filmed in Istanbul, the Daily Express reported. Its authors apparently called it an ‘April fools' joke’.

It shows a small boy sitting in the sun at a playground, with other children playing around. A grown-up man then comes up to the boy - reportedly a Syrian refugee - directing the child's attention to the sound of an airplane flying overhead.

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Speaking in Arabic, the man apparently told the boy to hide. The scared child started to run, desperately looking for shelter. While the prankster keeps shouting his "warnings" of the approaching plane, laughter is heard behind the camera. The boy eventually nestles by a wall, looking worriedly at the sky.

The video has gone viral on social media in Turkey and in the Middle East, according to the British publication. The actions of the man have been mainly condemned by the online community, with many commentators calling his joke sick and inhuman.