Raptor drone nets UAVs in mid-air, but spares its prey

Raptor drone nets UAVs in mid-air, but spares its prey
There could soon be a battle for the skies if a drone developed by a Dutch company is deployed. The “DroneCatcher” is capable of bringing down other UAVs by capturing them in mid-air.

Developed by Delft Dynamics, the DroneCatcher is equipped with a tracking system that allows it to swoop above “weaker” drones it recognizes as its prey.

When it’s in perfect position, it makes its move by swiftly capturing the opposing drone with a net. Mercifully, as the entangled drone begins to plummet to certain death, a parachute miraculously opens, allowing it to land softly.

The DroneCatcher is the latest device aimed at countering threats posed by unlawful drone usage. In 2015, it was one of several ideas selected by the Dutch Ministry of Security of Justice, the Dutch National Police, and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee for a feasibility study.

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However, Delft Dynamics isn’t the only company to have come up with the net idea. Last month, British firm Skywall began selling an anti-drone bazooka that embraces the same idea.

And if the net-based approach turns out to be a bust, the Dutch government has a more traditional solution – it has been training eagles to attack and take down drones flying in unauthorized airspace.