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Axe-wielding soccer dad threatens to ‘cut your f**king head off’

Axe-wielding soccer dad threatens to ‘cut your f**king head off’
The intense energy of an amateur soccer match boiled over in Scotland, where one soccer dad allegedly chased another man with an axe across the pitch yelling “I’m going to cut your f**cking head off.”

Not far from where William Wallace raised his weapon and chased English soldiers around a field in the First War of Scottish Independence in 1297, Anastasios Kikiopolous is accused of chasing John Colquhoun at Mill Road Park near Stirling in October 2013.

Colquhoun told the court that Kikiopolous, with whom he had previously experienced run-ins, threatened him verbally at the game before running at him with an axe.

“It was a hickory-shafted axe about 15 inches long. As he got closer, it looked to me as if the front edge had been freshly sharpened. I thought my life was in danger,” Colquhoun said.

The match stopped as the estimated 55 to 75 spectators, including players looked on in shock.

Colquhoun jumped a barrier and ran across the field with Kikiopolous allegedly in pursuit yelling, “I’m going to cut your f*****g head off. You’re wife’s next and then your daughter.”

Colquhoun managed to escape unharmed and called police from a nearby street.

A solicitor for Kikiopolous asked Colquhoun if he “poked” his client with an umbrella, which he denied.

Kikiopolous denies any breach of the peace and possession of a weapon, while the axe has not been recovered.

The trial resumes next month.