Enraged Easter Bunny throws punches in New Jersey mall melee (VIDEO)

© Littlerockphoto
This is neither a drill nor a Bad Santa spin-off: there really was an Easter Bunny-related fistfight in a shopping mall in Newport, New Jersey this weekend.

The big furry bunny was anything but cuddly as he repeatedly punched a customer during the Easter celebrations.

Video recorded from a floor above does not show what or who ignited the fight, but does show several people attempting to separate the rival parties.

Police were called to the scene around 5 p.m. Sunday evening. NJ.com reports that a city spokesperson said the fight broke out between the ‘bunny’ and a parent after their child had her photo taken with the Easter bunny and then slipped from a chair.

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It is not clear yet if anyone will be charged in relation to the incident - or if the bunny will retain his seasonal post.

The bright side is that he did bring joy to at least some people this Easter...