Rottweilers viciously attack man trying to calm them down (VIDEO)

The pack ripped the clothes off the victim. © Natalia Seliverstova
The topsy-turvy relationship between man and his best friend was captured on CCTV this week, as a pack of rottweilers brutally maul a human trying to pet them.

In an attack that lasts over two minutes, the unidentified man is bitten, thrashed, and dragged by the pack before finally escaping.

Another man with a stick comes to his rescue, trying to occupy the dogs so the victim can escape. But when he finally manages to stand up, he stumbles a few steps before falling to the ground again, where the dogs attempt to grab him by the ankle and drag him back.

He eventually gets up again and walks away, quite calmly considering the mauling he just received.

Canines can turn vicious, especially when they’re ‘on guard’.

And in the larger circle of life, dogs can often be the victims of humans, wolves, and mountain lions.

Oh my!

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