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From hoverboard to hyperloop? Makers present board that actually hovers, set new targets (VIDEO)

From hoverboard to hyperloop? Makers present board that actually hovers, set new targets (VIDEO)
The day you ride a hoverboard (that actually hovers) to work may still be in the distant future, but we’re certainly getting closer. Meanwhile, a California company that boasted the first "real" levitating board is now talking hovertrains.

The new and improved Hendo 2.0 hoverboard was first unveiled on October 21, 2015, or “Back to the Future Day” as geeks the world over affectionately call it.

The maker of the new model has just sat down with Associated Press to debut the board’s updated features and reveal their ambitious hopes for the hovering future.

First of all, Hendo 2.0 has gone ‘back to its roots’ per se, to resemble its initial inspiration; the skateboard. The new model also has an increased battery life, improved steering ability, and better engine efficiency.

But there’s always room for improvement: just like the Hendo 1.0, the board only works on specific metal surfaces like copper and still makes a high-pitched squeal when in motion.

Hendo’s parent company Arx Pax doesn’t plan on stopping at boards however, the California based start-up plans on expanding its hover technology to theme park rides, industrial transport, trains, and even buildings (as a safety measure during earthquakes and floods).

Right now, the prototype will set you back around US$10,000 but they’re hoping the price will be reduced significantly with an increase in funding. For now, you can await the next prototype due for release sometime in 2016.

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