Gift gaffes: Best Hoverboard wipeouts of the season

Gift gaffes: Best Hoverboard wipeouts of the season
Hoverboards were one of the hottest presents under the tree this Christmas - and for those who surf the web for videos of people falling down, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

In a case of social media Schadenfreude, the internet is awash with hoverboard wipeouts.

The hastag #hoverboardfails is trending on Twitter and revealing painful but hilarious footage of some terrible tumbles.

Like Mike Tyson getting knocked out by his daughter’s glider…

😂😂😂#Dead #brokemyback #spinal #miketyson #hoverboard #hoverboardfail

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Or this dancer getting his feet in a tangle…

A Catholic priest in the Philippines incurred the wrath of his church after he was shown gliding around with a hoverboard during mass.

He might have been trying to pay homage to one of Jesus’ most famous miracles - walking on water - but the Catholic church didn’t see the funny side and suspended him.

However, the unnamed priest can rest easy in the knowledge he is not the only one to fall from grace this Christmas.

Even when the non-hovering Hoverboards aren’t bursting into flames, they can still leave the Marty McFly wannabes with bruised bodies and egos.

Kids... Don't try this at home #hoverboard #hoverboardfail #ouch #mandown

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Tag a friend that will laugh! poor guy #hoverboard #hoverboardfails #hoverboardfail #hoverboardfail

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@_chris.ayala_ fucked up #segwayboard #hoverboard #fail #hoverboardfail #hefuckedup

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