Spellbinding timelapse of violent Indonesian thunderstorm filmed from space (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

© Tim Peake
British astronaut Tim Peake is doing his level best to take over from Scott Kelly as the International Space Station’s resident photographer and videographer.

Amazing video: Lightning storm

WATCH how astronaut Tim Peake sees Earth from International Space Station

Опубликовано RT Play 10 февраля 2016 г.

Peake, who picked up some photography tips from Kelly while their ISS missions overlapped, has shared a mesmerizing sky-high video of a thunderstorm over Indonesia.

Timelapse footage, filmed on board the ISS as it speeds hitting 17,500 mph (28,150 km/h), condenses minutes into seconds and offers an unparalleled view of Earth’s tumultuous weather.

Space photography fans feared the worst when US Astronaut Scott Kelly, who had built up quite a reputation for capturing awe-inspiring images of Earth, finished up his #YearInSpace program.

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But Peake’s latest photos and videos are any indication, he’s got it covered.