Baby snatcher: Woman kidnaps newborn from Russian hospital in shopping bag (VIDEO)

Security cameras at a Russian hospital have captured the shocking moment a woman snatched a baby girl from the ward by walking out with the infant stuffed in a carrier bag.

The incident was recorded on CCTV at a prenatal center in the Belgorod area of western Russia and shows a woman in a bathrobe stealing the child without drawing any attention from hospital staff. 

As staff stand near a reception area talking to visitors, the alleged female child snatcher can be seen walking past, lugging a large green shopping bag apparently containing the hidden baby girl. 

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The young child was found uninjured hours later and was returned to her mother at the hospital.

The woman is now facing criminal charges related to kidnapping a minor and is reportedly due to undergo a medical examination. It is thought she may have attempted the kidnapping after the death of her own child.