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'Now you see me': Naked bike parade attracts hundreds in Brazil (PHOTOS)

'Now you see me': Naked bike parade attracts hundreds in Brazil (PHOTOS)
Hundreds of people have taken part in the Brazilian World Naked Bike Ride. The aim of the campaign is to show how fragile the human body is, and to show how unprotected a cyclist is in traffic.

Occasionally held in various parts of the world, the event (called ‘Pedalada Pelada’ in Brazil) took place on Saturday night in several Brazilian cities, including Rio de Janeiro.

20:30 --> Avenida Paulista tomada por ciclistas nus e semi nus :) #saopaulo

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"With the nudity, we cease to be invisible in traffic and draw attention to the violence that pedestrians and cyclists suffer,” Marcella Marconi, 33, one of the participants, told local media outlet A Tarde.

Some cyclists had "now you see me" signs written on their bodies.

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"The nakedness of the intention is to show how we are naked in traffic. Unlike cars, we have nothing to protect us," another participant, 28-year-old Aila added. She has been using a bike as a means of transport for 10 years.

Você aí parad@, vem pedalar pelad@ #wnbr

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Total nudity wasn’t mandatory, so some people wore underwear or swimsuits.

"Despite the suggestion to go without clothes, it is not required,” Marconi said.

Sua pressa vale uma vida. Foto do @daniloquadros_ na 9* Pedalada Pelada na Avenida Paulista #coolsampa #pedalapelada

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In addition to violence, the parade also aims to raise society's awareness of the problem of pollution.

"This means of transport is not motorized, so it doesn’t pollute," Marconi said.