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7 Nov, 2011 22:31

One year to election, Americans still hoping for change

President Obama campaigned under the promise of hope and change. But one year until America elects a president, some ask: where is the change Obama promised?

Obama’s approval rating hovers just over 40 percent. Americans are unhappy due to the nation’s dismal economic outlook. Recent data shows record poverty levels in the nation at a record high, with over 49 million people now living in poverty.The middle class has been slammed by foreclosures and job losses, and unemployment doggedly is stuck at over 9 percent.“Since WWII, no one has been re-elected to a second term if unemployment is above 7.2 percent,” said Alex Pappas, senior political reporter at the Daily Caller.Obama is now scrambling to ditch his lame duck image by issuing a slew of executive orders, a move which allows him to bypass Congress.But is it too little too late?Some say his greatest hope may be his GOP rivals.“If the elections were today and the front runners are Perry, Romney or Cain, we say Obama wins.  Because when you listen to the programs coming from the Republicans, it’s almost as though they have an infiltrator from the democratic party that’s giving them the lines,” says Gerald Celente, publisher of Trends Journal.“Line like we need to cut back on entitlements, you know social security is running rampant, Medicare’s out of control. Your telling people this as they’re losing their homes, don’t have any jobs, can’t afford healthcare,” adds Celente. While presidential incumbents usually are at a political advantage during elections, with one year to go until Americans head to the polls, Obama faces an uphill battle.  With the dire state the economy is in now, it seems people are disappointed . . . still hoping for that change they were promised back in 2008.