The American fascination with Russian women

From Russia with lust: Femme fatal Anna Chapman, to Russian mail-order brides, to our very own RT correspondents. Americans are infatuated with Russian women!

RT took to the streets of Washington, DC to try to figure out what all the fuss is about. 

One young gentleman explained it like this: "I feel that they are attractive, that you can mail order them, and that they are exotic."

When asked if he would ever "mail-order" a bride, he responded: "It kinda takes the romance out of it if you're mail ordering a bride."

Others, however, weren't so turned off by the notion of having USPS help out with their love life.

"You know, I got an email about that like a week ago, beautiful Russian women," said another individual.

Speaking of beautiful Russian women, RT's very own Marina Orlova of Marina Hot for Words has been capitalizing on this trend and gaining quite the fan following.

It looks like the Cold War just got a whole lot hotter!