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US releases, harbors known Cuban terrorist

Ex CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles has admitted to acts of terrorism in Cuba, yet he lives comfortably in Miami under US protection, having recently been acquitted of perjury charges in Texas.
The US government has not tried him with terrorism nor have they been willing to allow him to stand trial in Cuba or elsewhere for crimes he has publicly admitted participating in. Thus far, all he has been charged with and now acquitted of is lying to an immigration officer. Jose Pertierra, an attorney who represented the Venezuelan government in a case to extradite Posada explained the evidence against Posada is strong, he admitted to being the mastermind of terrorist attacks in Havana. “Posada Carriles admitted to being the mastermind of this campaign of terror in Cuba,” he said. The trial and jury system in the US is easily manipulated he said, explaining why he was acquitted of perjury charges that evidence indicated he was guilty off. He came to the US illegally, and yet the US protects him and has not acted on requests for extradition by Cuba and Venezuela. Posada is wanted in both countries for murder. In 2005 Venezuela filed for extradition based on 73 charges against Posada for murder. The US has failed to act on the request. “Instead of acting on the extradition requests it [US government] filed these charges of lying to an immigration offer,” Pertierra said “It’s really the wrong charges.”