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US Patriot Act is unconstitutional

The US Congress is moving to renew the USA PATRIOT Act, a controversial anti-terrorism law. The major provisions of the bill will expire soon, forcing the Congress to entertain the measure once again.
The US Senate is in a hurry extend the extension of the Act, so much so many want to dismiss any discuss and debate on the topic. Similarly, the US House is set to vote at any time to extend the law’s provisions until December 8, 2011. The act, originally signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001 in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has many critiques. A number of activists argue the law is unconstitutional and undemocratic, because it violates civil liberties, judicial process and human rights. Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen explained the “Patriot Act” reminds him of laws Hitler put in place in Germany to destroy the German Constitution. He explained the law is based on fear and control. The government is using the 9/11 attacks, years afterward, to argue an invasion of civil liberties and Constitutional rights is necessary. “This is totally unconstitutional,” Madsen said. “It’s a totally unconstitutional provision; it’s got to be scrapped.”The Tea Party has continually campaigned against the Patriot Act and unconstitutional laws, yet members in Congress have been relatively silent in congress. Similarly, Obama who once heavily criticized Bush era policies, including a number of Patriot Act policies, is not championing the laws extension.“Everybody that voted for the Tea Party and voted for Obama got punked,” Madsen said. “We had one senator vote against the Patriot Act, that was Russ Feingold and the Tea Party threw him out of office.”The Obama “Hope and Change” did not happen, it is “Business as usually,” he added.The American people should not be willing to give up their rights for and accept what some call the new normal, Madsen argued. America should be committed to its founding principles.