Poll: 58 percent of Americans favor government shutdown

Poll: 58 percent of Americans favor government shutdown
A new Rasmussen Report indicated 58 percent of Americans favored shutting down the government until spending cuts are passed, while 33 percent prefer avoiding a shutdown and continuing at 2010 spending levels.

The report showed Americans want Democrats and Republicans to compromise and find a deal on spending before moving forward.

However, the divide among those polled who identify with a party boast striking differences of opinion. 58 percent of those identified as Democrats prefer avoiding a shutdown while 80 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of voters not affiliated with either party believe a shutdown is a better option until agreements on spending between legislators can be reached.

The US Congress never passed a new budget for 2011. The body merely authorized spending for a few additional months to keep the government running; however the extension expires on March 4th.

Unless Congress acts, a government shutdown is inevitable.