US to supply troops in Afghanistan via Russia

An expected deal between Russia and America to allow the U.S. to transit military supplies via Russian territory to Afghanistan could be signed during Barack Obama’s visit to Moscow next week.

Right now, the US has a supply transit route to Afghanistan through Pakistan, which has become too dangerous given the violent situation in this country.

Obviously, Russia’s role here could be very significant in delivering supplies through Russian territory.

It’s understood that this deal is almost done. According to Russian Presidential aid Sergey Prikhodko, this document is ready and will be signed during Barack Obama’s visit to Russia early next week.

The cargo will be delivered to Afghanistan, mostly by air.

The deal is not something unexpected. Last week, the issue of transportation of military cargo through Russia to Afghanistan was discussed at the meeting of foreign ministers of NATO countries on the Greek island of Corfu.

According to Mr Prikhodko, this would mean a significant improvement in the military cooperation between Russia and the US, which was practically frozen after last year’s events in South Ossetia.

The document on transportation of American cargo to Afghanistan via Russia is going to be just one of many agreements expected to be signed during Barack Obama’s visit to Moscow.