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5 Mar, 2010 02:37

Campuses on fire: students raise their voice in the US

College students on more than 100 campuses across the US have been protesting against cutbacks which have brought staff layoffs and hikes in tuition fees.

Public school students have also walked out over the budget cuts, which demonstrators say will mean poorer education, while limiting access to university for those with less money.

The youth anger is really building up all around the country, which is probably being underscored by most elected officials. Education of the future generations is even more important than innovations, yet the schools are being shut down, resulting in teachers losing their jobs.

No wonder students feel disenchanted. They walk out and speak out – and loudly. What they are demanding in a nutshell is "no more tuition hikes." They demand a tuition freeze and no more budget cuts; they do not want their services to be cut.

"I think that the crisis is a mistake of the banks and how they planned it, their bad planning," said one of the students. "We should not be paying for that."

Most importantly, what these students in the State of New York and around the country want is fair representation. They want to be a part of the decisions that are being made at the schools that they are paying tens of thousands of dollars to attend. Thy simply want their voices to be heard.