US “playing footsie” with Honduran junta

The de facto government in Honduras is taking full advantage of mixed signals coming from the US, says RT contributor Wayne Madsen.

A senior US diplomat is in Honduras to try to solve the standoff between the ousted president and the self-imposed Micheletti government ahead of upcoming elections this month. The country has been in turmoil since Manuel Zelaya was forced to leave the Central American state in June.

“It is quite clear,” Madsen said, “that the gambit that the Micheletti junta is playing in Honduras is to run the clock out. They know that the elections are scheduled for the end of November.”

“Originally, the Obama administration sent signals stating that if Zelaya was not restored to power, the US would not recognize the outcome of those elections,” Madsen said. “It’s quite clear that the Obama administration has been playing footsie with the Micheletti junta and now the junta is taking the full advantage of this, of these mixed signals coming from the White House, State Department and also the Pentagon.”