”Obama is good to keep people at bay” – rapper

It is not just one person like Barack Obama who can save the world, it is people acting in their communities who are the actual government. That is according to a rapper General Steel, who spoke to RT.

“We are a kind of calm before the storm, so to speak. I think that Obama is a good way to keep people at bay,” he said. “They call him the cool president. These characteristics remind me of rap almost – you want to make this cool guy appeal to people, but then there are some people just looking at the issues and they are not really happy with the performance of the president right now.”

”The administration will not do anything for us. Our ability to connect with each other is the power that the government cannot control, and they are working very strongly on controlling it,” he added.

”It is a lot of things Obama has to face. I am not totally disappointed in him. I think as a person you have to do your best job and then you are working with the United States government. In cannot be easy,” General Steel believes.