“US media makes Americans fear the intentions of Iran”

US propaganda against Iran is being disguised as ordinary news, says political activist Dr. William Wedin. He claims the US mainstream media intentionally depicts Iran as a war-like nation composed of mad mullahs.

Dr. Wedin says the presidential elections in Iran could complicate America’s aim to wage war on Iran.

“If it goes with [Mir-Hossein] Mosavi it will make things more difficult for Washington and Israel to pursue a war-like policy towards Iran. Last week Daniel Pipes, one of the major neo-conservatives here [in the US] said quite openly that he wanted [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad to win. If we go back to the presidential election of 2005 [in Iran], [American president George] Bush attempted to influence that election in the direction of pushing Ahmadinejad into office by telling the [Iranian] reformists: in effect it makes no difference if you go, everything is rigged, you might as well stay home.”