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13 Apr, 2009 05:08

“U.S. mainstream media isn’t interested in finding the truth”

The mainstream U.S. media isn’t helping in the search for truth, says Luke Rudkowski from the social justice movement 'We Are Change'.

Q: What kind of change are you exactly?

A: We are change is an organization which talks about issues that the main stream media never even wants to touch or deal with.

We are activist journalists going out asking hard questions to journalists, corporations, and big banks that the mainstream media never even dares to ask. We get amazing reactions, and we put those videos on the Internet and people get to see true, unedited, real journalism without corporate sponsors.

Q: What are the hard questions?

A: We go up to members… we shake their hands and we ask them what happens when you meet with the world's elites and banking media corporations and governments all around the world in secret… I literally had people shaking my hand and as soon as I stopped asking the question this person just walks away from me in silence. You see shock on his face, and he walks away without even talking to me… and these people are going to tell me that they don't establish policy?

And we get many important things on record… Our confrontation with senator Joe Biden went all over the internet. Because we asked what he was doing with the financer of Mohamed Atta before 9/11, after 9/11, and even on the day of 9/11, when he met with Pakistani chief of the ISA Mahmood Ahmed who financed Mohamed Atta, and wired 100,000 dollars to him. We asked him why were you meeting with the financer of Mohamed Atta?

And he told me there is diplomatic immunity, we didn't arrest Khrushchev when he came here. But I'm like – but this is a hijacker. He said to me 'kid get out of here.' Our work is amazing because we put people on record and they lied to us… these politicians are lying to us. We confronted hundreds of politicians – even celebrities who give us endorsements, and support us in what we are doing… and ask the questions that the mainstream media is not asking. And they are not asking real questions. And for doing this, we get persecution. I got arrested a couple of days ago because of it.

Q: What do you think America needs, and why would it want the kind of change that you are offering?

A: Look at the world we are living in right now. The wars are continuing. Taxes are getting bigger. Elites are getting stronger. 1% of the population owns 80% of the world's wealth, and the people more than ever are getting screwed over by these elites… we have the power and authority to do what we want. And we have to start rising up and believing in ourselves as human beings.

Q: What about the change… not enough for you?

A: Because this is not really change – this is the same policy. People have to understand… they hold power whether there is a Democratic or Republican president. They are the institutions of the elite globalists who are running things behind the scenes… Wars are continuing, Obama sent 2000 troops to Afghanistan. He is leaving troops in Iraq. He is bombing Pakistan.

That's pretty much the same policy as that of the Bush administration. He is also keeping Bush documents secret, everybody thinks 'Barack Obama closed down Guantanamo Bay', but there is still Bagram airport open in Iraq that Obama wants to leave open that's twice as big as Guantanamo bay that tortures people… so we see more of the same policies being kept the same.

Q: Why do people who oppose you… is what you're saying not true?

A: There is nothing theoretical about what we talk about. We have sources, we have documents, and we talk to people. We show people documents, people call us 'conspiracy theorists' because it is a bad name, it's a dirty word. I don't theorize on anything, but they say I do because they want to make believe what I'm doing is fake, and all the real issues that I'm covering are just theories, and they are not truth. And we find out that they are extremely important to us when we go out there and talk to the people that we need to talk to.

Q: How do you get your point to the people?

A: We go out every Saturday, and we have hundreds of DVDs and give that out for free to the people. We talk to people. That is more important than holding a protest and screaming at each other. We talk to people, we ask them what do they think, we give them pamphlets and DVDs so they can make up their own mind.

Q: You were recently arrested… why you were arrested?

A: Actually Bloomberg knows me very well because within the last couple of months he actually said that if I left him alone… I stopped
trying to interview him, I stopped asking hard questions, and just recently I had first responders contact me and tell me 'A he lied, he just cut 5000 work place benefits for first responders'… and why is he denying even more help than ever before today when we need him most?

So I went out there to meet mayor Bloomberg and as soon as I went there, police intelligence identified me, took me away, brought me downstairs, and they said 'you are detained.' I was asking can I please get out of here. They said 'you stay here – you can't go anywhere.' They came back within a couple of minutes saying… they are keeping the evidence of what happened that day as criminal evidence. So I don't even have my cameras with me today. My friend who was filming me was arrested… and asked mayor Bloomberg a serious question about why he is not supporting real heroes who were sick and dying for the government's lie in 9/11.

Q: You are doing a lot of work… why do you think that is?

A: 9/11 is very emotional for many people. Many people were affected by it – I was. People don't understand. The mainstream media targets us as terrorists, like these guys don't know what they are talking about. I just tried to make them understand that it was the victim's family members who started this movement.

We have sources and documents and real evidence that people really need to look at to understand 9/11. We know what we want. First responders are still sick and dying from 9/11 because they were lied to about that.

Q: Would you consider yourself a revolutionary?

A: I am just trying to do as much as I can in my young life. We raise money to help first responders, trying to help people with education and information, and you know, proper health care for first responders.

Q: The reason I am asking that is because… what is your opinion on this?

A: People are slowly waking up because they have been more affected now than ever. And people are saying that we were right about the economy, about Barack Obama, when everybody was saying Obama is gonna be the biggest change, the greatest guy, we were telling people no, we have to understand things. And we know things because we look at their documents, we understand that because we research the subject.

And people see that we have greater understanding than the mainstream media. The mainstream media is failing right now, nobody is buying newspapers, people are not watching TV… something is wrong right now. There is something that government and media are not saying to us. There is something that these corporations are doing wrong. And now they are joining us, our organization has grown to 90 chapters within 2 years.

Q: What kind of future do you want to see for the US?

A: Right now we are in economic turmoil. I see huge uprisings right now of people waking up every single day.

Q: Thank you for your time with us.

A: Thank you for having me.