“Robert Gates prepares to protect Europe first instead of homeland”

The sea-based interceptors can’t hit long-range ballistic missiles and can only protect Europe and the U.S. troops over there, argues Riki Ellison, chairman and founder of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance.

“I believe that Barack Obama has chosen to protect our troops and allies first, and that is my biggest issue with the problem,” said Ellison. “We do have to protect our troops, our allies and our friends, but we have to protect our country. Our eastern sea border is not fully protected.”

“We’ve got some great solutions cooperating and working together with Russia, but they do not address the US homeland,” he added. “Our protection here is what we need most – in New York, in Washington, DC and the eastern sea border. We should start with the US and fully, completely protect it, and only then do it for our allies and our foreign bases – that is the difference that I have with Robert Gates.”

“Three ships with SM-3 anti-missile systems will be placed around Europe in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Baltic that would protect Europe together the land-bases systems placed somewhere,” Ellison concluded.