Hidden agenda in US–China row over Taiwan

There is a hidden agenda in the US–China conflict over the Taiwanese arms trade, says Philip De Leon of Trade Connections International.

“One of the big issues we do not think about is that US has been trying to get China to endorse sanctions against Iran. The US is considering that it is very important for US security, and China has been like: You know, we won’t touch this,” De Leon told RT.

“Now the US is thinking: That was important to us, you didn’t do anything. We are going to do sales to Taiwan, and we won’t care too much about how you care about this,” he added.

Washington has urged Beijing not to place sanctions on American companies engaged in arms trade with Taiwan. The Obama administration defended the $6.4 billion in deals sanctioned last week.

According to the US, it will allow the military balance to be maintained in the region. Beijing has always strongly opposed US transactions with Taiwan, which it considers a Chinese territory awaiting reunification.

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