“There are a lot of questions and we need answers”

We ask the questions that need to be asked, which the media either do not ask or simply not cover, states one of the organizers of the “We are Change” group, Saad Ali.

Another organizer of the “We are Change” group, Steve Crock, says their actions have nothing to do with conspiracy theories. They are just “pointing people to the evidence that is available.”

Activists believe that the main question about the 9/11 remain unanswered, like what happened to building #7 of the World Trade Center and why thermite was found in the dust of the collapsed WTC towers.

“When you bring these questions upon them, they say nothing and just walk away or you have their security, their goons, just grab you, assault you and take you out,” says Saad Ali.

“We are Change” group members say they do not want to wake up in a world that was planned in secrecy behind the scenes by somebody like the notorious Bilderberg Group.

“Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton disappeared during the three days they [Bilderberg Group] met,” recalls Steve Crock.

Climate change is yet another controversial issue and, Steve Crock says, “We don’t think the Earth is cooling or heating, or whatever they say it is at the moment, because we know these things are happening, we agree. But we don’t think that we should pay a tax to the global government because of it.”