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28 Jun, 2010 07:00

“Obama administration does not have a large vision of the world”

Tom Engelhardt, author of “The American Way of War” says Barack Obama remains on an expansionist trajectory with “the War on Terror” because he does not have “a large vision of how the world works.”

June has already turned into the deadliest month for NATO forces in Afghanistan, with nearly a hundred soldiers killed. More than half of them were Americans, and the campaign started by George W. Bush nine years ago is now Barack Obama's war.

“Barack Obama is seemingly beginning to wind down the Iraq war, but in the service of winding up the Afghan war,” says Engelhardt.

The roots of American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan lie in the 1990s, he believes, and the US is repeating the mistakes of the Soviet Union.

“Left with no Cold War, no enemy in the world, [the US administration] made the same decision that [the] Russians made and put their money into the Pentagon, into the military-industrial complex – with the same things happening: national debt growing, budget deficit rising, infrastructure crumbling, etc.,” the author told RT.