A movement of Americans dissatisfied with both political parties

The tea party movement is planning to stage yet another protest in the U.S capital, Washington, D.C. This time they will be demonstrating against President Obama's planned healthcare reform.

The movement is underpinned by its opposition to big government and over the past year has expressed that dissatisfaction in a series of mass protest.

Dale Robertson, president of the Tea Party, believes that protest is the natural response to current government activity.

“When you’ve got the political party in power seems to be wielding a very strong and heavy hand as far as using your tax dollars, there is a natural response to that,” Robertson said. “I know that there are lots of Democrats who believe that the government has gone overboard.”

He also added: “The Tea Party is basically about the Constitution. If the Constitution was intact, if the political powers were honoring the Constitution, we wouldn’t exist.”