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Fast as lightning: Spetsnaz fighting

Americans looking for something different are getting a flavor of what it is like to be a member of the Russian Special Forces. A new style of unarmed combat dubbed Systema Spetsnaz is gaining popularity in the US.

Systema Spetsnaz is not your typical martial arts training it's survival in the most extreme situations, which these days could be anywhere. Originally developed for Russian Special Operations units, more commonly known as “Spetsnaz”, it is a technique that Americans have become more and more interested in.

“I think people are concerned for their personal safety. You never know where you might find yourself in these mean streets. I just like the principle of the energy and how to use that effectively when you're using the martial arts instead of just pounding, crushing and trying to use force,” a Systema Spetsnaz adept told RT.

For decades, marital artist and trainer Oleg Spector has tried to avoid pounding and crushing, instead teaching these alternative methods all across the nation. He says real combat isn't all just about fighting.

“It's using minimum amount of force to overcome the attacker so it is a very practical martial art. So the training involves physical, mental, and spiritual,” Spector said, adding that the economic downturn is one of the reasons for the latest interest in self defense.

“You go into work and you have to produce, you have to deliver deadlines and with current economic stress, situation. The stress is: ‘Am I going to have a job tomorrow?’” training seminar's coordinator Andre Fonarov said, adding that people are also thinking about every scenario in which they may be vulnerable.

People are also aware of expectations that are sometimes difficult, if not impossible to meet, so training that allows one to really get to know the enemy is always needed.

Whether it is a personal attack, use of weapons, or just coping with stress, the Russian techniques prove that relaxation and peace of mind are actually the most important tools for surviving in an increasingly stressful and dangerous world.