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NYPD raids studio used by OWS live-streamers

NYPD raids studio used by OWS live-streamers
The New York City headquarters of a group cooperating with the Occupy Wall Street movement was swarmed by the NYPD on Tuesday in a raid that left half a dozen people involved with the Globalrevolution.tv website in police custody.

Cops entered the Bushwick studio used by Global Revolution on Tuesday after posting a notice on the door of the space occupied by the group the night before. According to authorities, the space at 13 Thames St in the Brooklyn, NY neighborhood hosted conditions “imminently perilous to life” and had to be vacated by all occupants, although failed to provide any details on what factors had led to such a case. When cops returned the next day and found a handful of people on the premises, they were arrested.

The space used by Global Revolution was the only one that was targeted by the police.

Global Revolution, a website that aggregates live, streaming content pertaining to the ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement, was using the space as a production studio to manage the video output fed to the website.

Nigel Parry, an organizer with Global Revolution, tells The Atlantic Wire that the group had only recently moved into the space for production purposes. While details are scarce regarding the actual inhabitants of the space, Vlad Teichberg, one of the key figures involved with Global Revolution, was living at the site when he was arrested Tuesday. According to Parry, Teichberg had been a resident of the space on Thames St. for at least a year.

On Wednesday afternoon, Teichberg and five others were still in police custody for charges of trespassing, obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest.

The Bushwick, Brooklyn location raided by the police has been the site of the Global Revolution production studios since as recently as December. Previously the organization operated out of Zuccotti Park, the Lower Manhattan hub of the Occupy Wall Street movement.