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Strauss-Kahn overshadows true IMF scandals

IMF chief and a possible French presidential candidate Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been arrested and charged with sexual assault, attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment in New York. But, are the allegations overshadowing real IMF concerns?
Strauss-Kahn was arrested following allegations by a hotel maid who filed a complaint against the IMF head with New York City Police. Most Americans and many others worldwide, were completely unaware of whom Strauss-Kahn was prior to the arrest. Many still have little knowledge of what the IMF does and the arrest is likely overshadowing the reality of the International Monetary Fund. Many have argued the IMF rapes and pillages every day. The targets however are not hotel maids, but developing nations. IMF programs often hurt the people more than they help, contended Former Reagan administration official Paul Craig Roberts. “An IMF austerity program always makes the ordinary people pay the cost of the judgment,” he explained. “They inevitable bear the brunt.” The realities of IMF programs rarely make the news in America because they have little impact on Americans, said Roberts. For this reason sex scandals achieve greater media attention than economic austerity programs in the developing world. Concerning the charges against Strauss-Kahn, Roberts argued that the IMF chief has become a target of Washington, and the sexual allegations are being used to hurt his name to prevent him from becoming the next French president. “Strauss-Kahn was a likely winner of the next French election, at least according to polls. Washington much prefers its man Sarkozy,” said Roberts. He further argued that Washington has been upset with Strauss-Kahn over recent IMF reports that show Chinese economic growth with the potential of surpassing the US economy within five years. Likening Strauss-Kahn to Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, Roberts said he was targeted also by the banks who oppose his financial views.Roberts alleged that the US government and corporate interests targeted Strauss-Kahn to silence him and remove him from a place of influence.