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15 Oct, 2010 21:30

Socialism vs Capitalism in America

The tide of fear against Socialism is on the rise in America. At a time when the economy is so rough, why this debate over capitalism vs. socialism?

Michael Prysner a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation explained that to him socialism means that the wealth produced by the society is put into the hands of those in need through housing, jobs, healthcare, education and other human needs.

In contrast, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee Wayne Allyn Root said socialism as a “way to destroy any economy in the world.” He described the system as theft via the redistribution of wealth, where money earned by one person is taken and given to others who did not earn it; “that’s theft”.

Over the past few years the debate over socialism vs. capitalism has raged in US politics and has been displayed in a negative light by the media.

The big capitalists benefit from making socialism out to be evil because they are really the only ones who stand to lose anything,” said Prysner.

He argued that there is ongoing massive theft in America, but socialism is not to blame. Prysner blamed capitalists for the theft.

The big capitalists are sealing from all these working families in this country. We make this country the richest country in the world, there is so much wealth here, and it’s all being sucked up by a tiny group of billionaires and their multi-millionaire puppets in Washington,” he said.

The massive government bailouts of Wall Street and the major banks is evidence of this theft and the corruption built into the Capitalist system.

Root contended that Socialism has never worked, explaining that in Cuba they have decided to fire most of the government employees. Around 500,000 government employees were fired and 500,000 may be fired soon.

Not everybody can work for government, not everybody can be supported by government, not everybody can have their hands out if you want your country to survive,” he said.

Bank bailouts are bad, root agreed. Corporate welfare is not true capitalism and is usually practiced by democratic socialists like US President Barack Obama.

Let the banks either succeed or fail but don’t give them taxpayer money,” he added.

Root graduated as a classmate of Obama at Columbia University. He argued that Obama is now following the advice of socialist professors like Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven and overwhelming the economic system on purpose to force America into a socialist structure.

Through the proposed Obama healthcare programs, cap and trade, card check, government bailouts, legalizing immigrants, and other programs, Obama is working to socialize America, Root argued. Obama wants to kill those who fund conservative, Republican, and libertarian causes under a socialist system.

Obama wants to simply make this a socialist nation and kill people like me,” he said.

Prysner said the demonization of Obama and immigrants makes Root a racist and said everyone is either on one side or another, the side of socialism or the side of capitalism.

There’s two sides. There is a line drawn in this country,” he said.

The system doesn’t work. The people see the wealth in society benefit the rich, argued Prysner. The government is cutting programs that benefit those who suffer most and giving more to rich.

Root laughed at being called a racist, saying the definition of a racist is “anyone who is winning an argument with a liberal or a socialist. They immediately pull the race card out and call everybody a racist. That’s a joke. We all laugh at it. You can’t even bother us anymore with it. The fact is the biggest racists in the world are in the Obama administration.

He argued that he favors true equality, no government entitlements. There should be no programs or systems based on race; no loans, college acceptances or other benefits based simply on race. Everything should be based on talent, not skin color.

Everyone is equal,” said Root.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal was headlined “Capitalism saved the miners”. The author argued the American company that sent the technology used to save the minors in Chile was only able possible thanks to Capitalism, because capitalism allowed the company to develop the technology while in pursuit of profits.

Prysner argued that it is ridiculous to believe that only capitalism and profits drive technology. All the great minds in society should be working to better society, not create weapons and seeking profit.

Imagine if all of those great minds were being put to use to try and better society,” said Prysner.

America’s been the greatest nation in 200 years; we defeated the Soviet system. China today is becoming a capitalist nation. The Soviet Union became a capitalist nation. I dare say Cuba is trying to becoming a capitalist nation,” said Root. “People get up in the morning with a profit motive and they want to change the world.

He argued that capitalism works and that Prysner should keep talking because he will scare Americans away from Socialism.