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Was Rick Perry drunk or on drugs during his latest speech? (VIDEO)

Rick Perry’s latest speech in New Hampshire was more of a cross between a Zach Galifianakis show and a Carrot Top act than an actual speech.

The GOP presidential hopeful gave a speech in Manchester on Friday night which left many wondering if he mixed alcohol with his medications. In the video Perry appears to be abnormally animated using props to enhance his speech. At times the Texas Governor rambled on about random topics and cracked jokes about his childhood living on a farm.His voice pitch went from blissful to aggressive to flat out drunk. If you listen closely you even hear a Galifanakis “gay snake” impression. The speech, which lasted roughly 23 minutes, solidifies for many his difficulty with public speaking.Perry, the ex-GOP frontrunner, has since been on a downward spiral in the polls. The latest Iowa poll placed the Texas Governor tied at fifth place.Two months before the state's leadoff primaries the Perry camp has felt the sense of urgency in Iowa where he has launched new ads to try to regain the top spot."If you're looking for a slick politician, or a guy with great teleprompter skills, we already have that, and he's destroying our economy," Perry says in his new ad. Perry is referring to President Obama. "I'm a doer, not a talker."This wasn’t more noticeable then this past Friday where audience members in attendance noticed Perry appearing uncomfortable, unpredictable and shimmering with perspiration.The Mayor of Manchester, Ted Gatsas, told the Huffington Post that the speech “ was different” and said he hadn’t seen anything like that before.A Perry spokesman said in an email: 'The Governor is passionate about the issues he talks about.'Some of Perry’s opponents who have seen the performance say it could the final blow to Perry's campaign.His camp has yet to release an official statement about the speech.There are rumors he may appear on The Last Comic Standing.