UN report criticizes night raid in Gardez

A UN report has implicated NATO troops in a night raid that killed five people, including two pregnant women.

Investigations continue into a night raid carried out by US and NATO troops in Afghanistan that left five members of a family dead. A UN report said that on Feb. 12, troops launched an attack on the home of an Afghan policeman where a party was taking place and accuses the NATO forces of then trying to cover up the incident.

The victims have been identified as Commander Dawood, 43, a policeman , his brother, Saranwal Zahir, a local prosecutor, Bibi Shirin, 22, Bibi Saleha, 37 – both pregnant – and Gulalai, 18.

A statement issued after the raid claimed that the troops had found the women already murdered, but witnesses to the attack, including highly respected members of the community asserted otherwise.

The incident occurred less than two weeks after NATO issued new guidelines intended to limit night raids, which often result in civilian casualties.

As a result of the incident, US Gen. Stanley McChrystal has brought most of the US special forces under his control.