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21 Mar, 2012 17:28

Occupy Wall Street clashes with NYPD at Union Square

Occupy Wall Street clashes with NYPD at Union Square

After the brutal attack on Occupy Wall Street protesters this past Saturday, Tuesday night was no different.

This after the Occupy Wall Street movement attempted to find a new home for the Occupy Movement from Lower Manhattan to Midtown Manhattan.Union Station, which is about a two mile hike north of Zuccotti Park, was the scene of yet another confrontation between New York Police and protesters which ended in four people being arrested.According to reports, approximately 300 protesters assembled at Union Square until NYPD moved in wearing riot gear.

According to the tweets on OccupyWallSt.Org, at roughly 3:56 AM police rushed the crowd shoving and attacking people leaving one woman badly injured with reported head trauma after she had her head smashed into the concrete floor.¨I really thought the police were going to be chill tonight about this. They were calm and rational earlier. Then they bum rush us, throw girl with head trauma around, ¨ said one of the occupiers to the movement’s website.Among the chaos protesters chanted “you have no authority” and “wake up [NYPD]; six months of beatings and we´re still here! We´re not going anywhere! ¨

At around 4:37 AM police started leaving the aftermath of the crackdown in which demonstrators who were evicted returned to bid the police farewell.At 6:07 the park was officially re-opened.In addition to the pandemonium OccupyWallSt.Org is reporting the occupation of Union Station is “The New Occupation.” Although tents and tables are forbidden from the new location it is said that blankets and sleeping gear will become more common as “The New Occupation” continues to grow.But the group has other plans as well.

On Wednesday evening, OWS is calling for solidarity to demand justice for Trayvon Martin.The march which is being dubbed "The million hoodie march" is set to kick off at Union Square and is aimed at bringing awareness to racial profiling.Martin, who was killed while on his way to his father’s apartment by a neighborhood watch captain in Orlando, Florida, has got a lot of publicity.According to some reports, the alleged gunman, George Zimmerman, wrongfully shot the teenager for carrying a bag of Skittles and later claimed self-defense.