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2 Jun, 2010 13:15

Multi-ethnic rally marches through Manhattan in support of Gaza

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of American cities voicing their outrage at Israeli flotilla raid and the response from the US and the UN.

A mass rally marched through the streets of Big Apple in support for Gaza.

Initially, the world’s condemnation was reserved for Israel. But soon after, hundreds of New Yorkers clogged the streets, taking equal aim at the United Nations.

“The Security Council did not go far enough. The Security Council has to step up and act. Israel has simply thumbed their nose at the Security Council at UN resolutions. At UN statements. At UN activities. Israel’s acting as a rogue nation. The United States needs to step up,” a protester told RT.

Instead, the United States stands alone – the only Security Council member not to have condemned Israel’s deadly raid on the humanitarian flotilla heading for Gaza.

The diplomatic split is being blamed by critics on a weak international position: a statement condemning those acts that result in death, but falling short of naming Israel.

The US wants Israel to conduct a transparent investigation but “that’s impossible,’ says rapper and activist Immortal Technique, who is among those galvanizing support for Palestinians.

“The only way a transparent investigation, or an unbiased investigation, will happen is if it’s an independent investigation. Unfortunately the UN Security Council, without the United States, has no teeth. Is incapable of enforcing anything,” he said.

“When you show people that we’re willing to organize, and you actually start doing more things like this, it leads people to remember there’s still support in the street,” he added.

Across from the Israeli consulate, protestors voice their fury over America’s soft, cautious rhetoric towards Israel.

“I’d like to see them first right now condemn the murder. And admit and say it’s murder of innocent people on that humanitarian ship,” a woman taking part in the protest told RT.

The US has expressed regret over the deaths and injuries, stressing that the facts surrounding Sunday’s incident need to be clarified. Yet the massive multi-ethnic crowd marched across Manhattan, demanding fewer words and more action.

“There are people out here who care. And eventually it’s going to get to a point where most of the people, if not everybody, cares,” an activist said in a note of optimism about the role of the protesters.