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19 May, 2010 20:12

Rand Paul victory shows Tea Party power

Rand Paul, an eye surgeon and son of Representative Ron Paul (Republican-Texas) got lucky in Kentucky on May 18, winning the Republican Senate primary in what some are calling a “Randslide.”

Paul was clear that his victory was not simply based on luck

"I've got a message. A message from the tea party. A message that is loud and clear and does not mince words. We've come to take our government back," said Paul.

It also helped that his message was backed by the Tea Party movement. Tea Partiers see Paul’s victory as an important step for their group.

"It's a huge victory for the tea party movement. This really shows that the tea party is a force to be reckoned with," said David Adams, Paul’s campaign manager.

Paul’s fan are sure that the force of their beliefs will carry the candidate through November’s midterm elections and help bring their agenda to Washington.

"We're hoping he's gonna cut taxes and reduce spending…We saw how his father shook up the 2008 campaign," said a Paul supporter.

Paul’s father, while thrilled with his son’s victory, also saw the election as part of a bigger picture.

“I think the family is obviously happy but I also think it symbolizes the growth of the freedom movement,said Ron Paul.

Rand Paul may be headed to shake up Washington, but on election night, he had just one message for his supporters: 

“Let's have a party."