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Occupy Wall Street still largely ignored by CNN

While MSNBC and Fox are starting to show more interest in covering Occupy Wall Street, CNN is rarely seen on the ground talking to normal protesters.

It took some time but much of mainstream media is finally showing up to report on the movement that started as Occupy Wall Street and is spreading, across the entire country and even the entire world,  to what some are calling Occupy Everywhere.But one network seems to not have gotten the memo – CNN, also known as “the most trusted name in news.”  They have instead been covering the other “Breaking” news, like Michael Jackson’s doctor’s trial, Amanda Knox’s tearful thank you and Paul McCartney's wedding.Erin Burnett, host of CNN’s newest show OutFront, did go to the protest.  She spoke to one single protester, and taught him a lesson.“So do you know that taxpayers actually made money on the Wall Street bailout?” she asked the young man.“I was unaware of that,” he said.“Not on GM but they did on the Wall Street part of the bailout, does that make you feel any differently?” she pressed him.Also featured in her report was video of people hula hooping, cheerleaders, a man dressed as “Uncle Samta” and a crazy man beating a drum.Not featured, however, was Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, who attended the protest and showed his support, and other regular Americans, like 89-year-old retired teacher Dominik Zollo or  67-year-old Leonard Tekkat who came from California“I have enough money to survive my lifetime but it’s my great grandkids,” Tekkat said.  “My grandkids they can’t make it."But what about intrepid reporter Anderson Cooper?  He’ll surely pitch a tent with the rest, right? After all, he went to Haiti and Japan after their major earthquakes.  But alas, he’s been too busy with his new daytime talk show, interviewing Paula Abdul and learning how to brush dog’s teeth.That isn't to say, however, that the rest of the mainstream media has exactly been doing the best job of offering coverage to the ongoing unrest on both Wall Street and Main Street.Protester Jesse Lagreca caught up with RT and said that Fox News' arguments are totally false, with the network often also taking the route of poking fun at the "hippies" gathered in Lower Manhattan."It's what an intellectual lightweight does," said Lagreca. "If they can't have a rational discussion based on fact, then they call you names – it's like arguing with a fourth grader."