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11 Oct, 2010 23:07

Man seeking $1 million streaks for Obama

US President Barack Obama dodged a paperback book and encountered a streaker looking to make $1 million dollars while speaking recently in Philadelphia, PA.

Billionaire Alki David of BattleCam.com first launched his dare to pranksters to streak for the US president a few months back. He offered up a cash prize of $1 million dollars to the first person who dared to streak publically in front of Obama.

The contest required the streaker pass within eye sight and earshot of the President, be fully nude with the words BattleCam.com written on their chest, shout out BattleCam.com six times and either post or stream live the incident on BattleCam.com.

David said there have been many failed attempts and this one came as quite a surprise.

The gimmick was a promotion for the website, which is dedicated to featuring videos of pranks. The best videos are featured and users earn points for the longer their videos are kept on the homepage.

I will give him the million dollars without a problem is he meets the rules,” said David. “As you can see, he was entirely naked.”

The site is still working to confirm he met all the rules and the video will be on the site soon, he added.

The streaker is a regular user of BattleCam.com and has submitted a number of other videos in the past.

David said he never considered fulfilling the challenge himself. But, he does take part in pranks regularly, he said, as he proceeded to rip his shirt off live on RT to reveal the words BattleCam.com across his stomach!