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20 Feb, 2009 07:49

Obama’s golden youth flock to White House

In the US receiving a good education should lead to great job opportunities, but not anymore. With the crisis in full swing, many US graduates have discovered that they now need to put their dreams on hold.

Daniel Decastro is among those desperately searching the internet for a job.

“What's wrong with this economy? I don't understand. It has been very tough,” he said.

The New York University alumnus graduated with honours two years ago. Unemployed and living with his parents, the 28-year-old is just one many who can't find a job.

“I would say about sixty per cent of my friends are currently unemployed or don't have a job they wanted to find,” he said. “So they are stuck working at Starbucks when they have advanced degrees.”

Armed with Masters’ degrees and crippling tuition loans, tens of thousands of the twenty-somethings are struggling to crack the cold, ugly, unwelcoming US job market.

Still, some young people seem to be luckier then others, working on 16 Pennsylvania Street in Washington DC.

Alejandra Campoverdi, a former actress, model and dating game reality show contestant, has made a career leap to politics, graduating from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. She is now the assistant to the White House Deputy Chief of Staff.

Her appearance in the new administration has sparked controversy among Americans. Some think that the White House should be more selective, while others take things more lightheartedly.

Alejandra is reportedly dating another young and talented employee of the new administration. Jon Favreau, 27, is Barack Obama’s speechwriter, known to have coined the “Yes we can” phrase.

The White House has also welcomed Reggie Love, 26, Barack Obama's special aid, who holds a degree in political science and public policy from Duke University. A sportsman, he used to play basketball with Obama during the 2008 presidential election campaign.

Another fresh college graduate, Eugene Kang, is Barack Obama's special assistant and, side-by-side with the US president daily. The young man is only 24 years old.

However, some think that the president should rather opt for experience in selecting his staff.

“We need people who know how to get us out of situation,” said a New Yorker. “So this seems like a joke.”