Obama no longer “media darling”

It seems the honeymoon is over for Barack Obama and the media. The President is having a hard time with the American press after lashing out at its coverage on his healthcare proposals.

Even the President’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, is getting more and more frustrated with the American press, saying they are misinforming the public.

This sudden shift in the relationship is a noticeable change from Barack Obama being previously labeled a ‘media darling’.

Chris Stirewalt, the political editor for The Washington Examiner, thinks that it has to do with Obama acquiring a different status from his old image as an unlikely presidential candidate and his success story:

“It is a different thing when you’re talking about a President who has slipping approval ratings. The public is not buying into his healthcare initiative and things are complicated. So now you have a restive press corps that wants to engage in a different way than just telling the heroic story of Barack Obama”.