Media painting Obama healthcare plan bleak?

The traditional US media has been painting a picture of President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan as a lot worse than it is and may be ignoring the positive things about the reform, according to author Michael Lux.

Political battles over Barack Obama’s healthcare reform are now gaining momentum in the United States.

The plan would see more protection for people with insurance, affordable coverage for those without and reduced costs for families, businesses and government.

However, Republicans are calling Obama a ‘socialist’ due to his proposals.

On Thursday, the president delivered his much-anticipated speech to Congress on the issue that seems to be dividing all Americans.

“If you look at the overnight polls and the focus groups that were done the night of Obama’s speech, you’ll see that people loved it,” said Michael Lux, CEO of Progressive Strategies.

“I think they liked that the president was very clear about the basic things that are in the package, and there’s nothing scary in it,” he noted.