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Fact: Obama born in the USA

Fact: Obama born in the USA
The White House has released US President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate showing he was indeed born in Honolulu, Hawaii – making him a birthright US citizen.

Birthers be dammed. The Obama administration has caved and released a long-form birth certificate as demanded by a number of activists who believed Obama was born abroad – including billionaire Donald Trump.

Previously Obama had released his Certificate of Live birth, the official legal birth records issues in Hawaii, but a number of conservatives claimed it was not sufficient. The insisted he release the non-official long-form record. Both documents indicate Obama is indeed American born.

The long-form birth certificate is merely a form which displays additional details about a birth, namely more information about the child’s parents. The two documents do not contradict one another, as some argued they might.

Obama argued the debate over his birth was a massive distraction from real issues and bad for the political stability of the country and opted to request a waiver from Hawaii to release the long form certificate to end the debate.

Meanwhile Trump has claimed victory, arguing that he single-handedly forced Obama to release the document. He has also further demanded to see the document first hand.