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12 Sep, 2009 05:52

“9/11 Truth Movement" demands answers

The eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks have given US activists another opportunity to call on the US government to launch a new investigation into the tragedy.

Almost 3,000 days after the horrific events, there are those who say they still want to know the truth about why nearly 3,000 people died.

On the anniversary of September 11th, protesters fought to get their message across. 9/11 truth seekers from all over the US flocked to the streets of New York.

Come rain or shine – they say their struggle will never end while Americans continue to be fed lies. They want a new, unbiased investigation into what they call the biggest tragedy in modern American history.

Critics label them conspiracy theorists and don't want to hear their views. However, they insist that nothing is really clear about 9/11 events.

"It’s a tragedy what’s happening to our country. I’m young and I’ve realized this. It’s weird that all these people, older generation, are too in love with their country to realize what they’re doing to them," said Joe, one of the protestors.

Authorities didn't allow protesters to use megaphones, but their message was still very loud and clear. They have called on Americans to do their own research and not to believe in what is said by authorities.

America’s 9/11 Truth Movement participants say too many things just do not add up.

"Building seven was not hit by a plane but it still came down. It was a controlled demolition!" one of the protesters said.

Activists say America's fear-based politics need to end as well as alleged cover-ups both inside the government and the American mainstream media.

Eight years on, these people say they are not stopping until all of the truth is revealed.