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23 May, 2009 07:56

New World Order documentary asserts global conspiracy

A new American documentary is putting forward the suggestion the insanely rich and evil of this world are trying to gain total control. The film says they want to manipulate people through fear and the power of money.

“The New World Order is a crime syndicate, established by the ruling elite, the richest people in the world, the one percent that controls over 80 percent of the world’s wealth. These are the people who want to set up a one-world government so they can have more power in less people’s hands,” author Luke Rudkowski says.

The “New World Order” is also a controversial new film that goes behind the scenes of the American anti-globalization movement.

It’s a documentary focusing on those fighting what they claim is a secret group of a wealthy elite that effectively runs the world.

Rudkowski says he’s a fighter for truth.

“We are not crazy people, we are people who just want the truth from our government, and it shows our struggle to get the message across to the American people. It also shows our success, how we have been right all this time, and how we’re getting more and more popular,” Rudkowski explains

Radio talk show host Alex Jones (whose previous interviews are also available at RT) is the main character in the film.

“The hottest thing in the world right now is the people discovering the new world order. I mean, finally the Associated Press and other major U.S. newspapers, and British papers had to admit that global elites are meeting in secret to chart the future of the world. It’s not just the enemy of people in other nations, it is the enemy of all free humanity,” Jones says.

Alex Jones and Luke Rudkowski are often criticized and labeled ‘conspiracy theorists.' The film itself also got a dose of criticism.

‘Tiresome,' ‘Tedious documentary,' ‘Paranoid and delusional’ – these are just some of the reactions of the New York Times to the film. But all publicity is good publicity – and the fact of the matter is that even the mainstream is now paying attention and reacting to talk about the New World Order.

Directors Andrew Neel and Luke Meyer both say they sought to remain objective and independent from the claims made in the film – and be as fair as possible.

“What we really wanted people to do is just to see these people as human beings, listen to what they were saying, and interpret that for themselves, and then go out and find out more about what they were saying. And then either agree or disagree with it. I support people who try to penetrate that barrier between that which we are told, and that which really is,” Neel says.

“They are a group of people, who are not willing to accept the status quo, what the generally accepted story is. Myself and Andrew as well have a strong interest in hearing about people who are willing to take that jump,” Meyer says.

The people featured in the film say it will bring the truth about the New World Order one step closer to being understood by the American public and the world.