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4 Jun, 2010 17:30

“Conspiracies are spoiled borsch” – Bilderberg skeptic

The Bilderberg group, made of politicians, business leaders and other power brokers, are having a meeting in Spain. Some believe they are to set up a new world order, others don’t, but no one knows what’s on the agenda.

The press is not allowed in and no mention of what is discussed is allowed out.

Author and economic researcher F. William Engdahl recalled that Bilderberg’s annual meetings are conducted under a veil of secrecy since the group was created back in the early 1950s with its initial goal being to see their policies enacted by European countries.

“I think what they are talking about is how to hold together the glue of the Atlantic Alliance at a time when cracks are deeper than ever between Europe and the US, and how to arm twist the European central banks to, in effect, bail out the dollar by re-inflating, by turning on the printing presses in order to make it less obvious that the dollar is the sick man of the world economy,” Engdahl told RT.

A government and business consultant, Christoph Horstel, accused the Bilderberg group of “looking for the best angle to bring Spain down and earn a lot of money”.

“The Bilderberg has a 50-year-long history of involvement in business and politics. And that many leading politicians the world over were first presented to the Bilderberg group and then got their jobs in their respective countries. This group does not take decisions officially, it’s not a voting body of something. They just exchange a lot of information and viewpoints,” Horstel told RT.

Investigative journalist and skeptic of the Bilderberg conspiracy theories, Chip Berlet, used some very colourful language to play down the significance of the Bilderberg conference.

“People have every right to demand accountability, but this idea that the Bilderberg group is a secret group that controls the world economy and is building a new world order is a giant pot of spoiled borsch,” Berlet told RT.