New album targets censorship, free speech and the NWO

American singer-songwriter Shooter Jennings has teamed up with novelist Steven King to produce a concept album entitled Black Ribbons that takes on government censorship and the New World Order.

Jennings has been an avid opponent of government censorship and what he sees as a coming new world order. In their new project, Jennings and King present a futuristic world where humanity is silenced by political correctness, rules and regulations hindering freedom.

We’re slowly losing a lot of our freedom and our identify, I think. I think with this record it was a kind of artistic way to paint a not-too-distant dystopian future that could possibly happen,” said Jennings.

The new record takes on censorship and pushes the ideal that love and family are what our society is built on.

We’re in a state in the world in which people need to take their small communities and the people around them and really nurture that,” said Jennings.

The King portion of the album directly targets the rise in government censorship and embraces truth in a time of political correctness in a world that in the future maybe full of increased restrictions.

Jennings said that the main point of the album was to make people think.