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2 Oct, 2009 06:48

Moore's capitalism-bashing film debuts in DC

American filmmaker Michael Moore is preparing to inflame US audiences with his latest tale of social injustice. This time round it’s a harsh critique of the American capitalist system.

Michael Moore chose to make his appearance for his new film “Capitalism: A Love Story” in Washington DC a little different, so the premiere didn’t boast the usual entourage of limousines, champagne and tuxedos.

“I think people are fed up and they want a change,” Moore says.

Also at the DC premiere were members of congress and senators who also came by for a quick lesson in history and economics.

“Ahh capitalism! I wanna go in there and find out all about it,” Congressman Dennis Kucinich remarked.

In spite of the title, Moore’s production is far from being a feel-good story. While it may say “love story”, in actuality it exposes the dark side of capitalism. Plagued with home foreclosures, bank bailouts and a global economic meltdown, Moore hopes that the audience will leave with popcorn and pitchforks.

When Moore himself was asked what system would replace capitalism, he replies:

“Well I don’t know if it exists, we might have to create it. Do you think we’re smart enough to do that? I’m tired of having the old debate of capitalism versus socialism. This is the 21st century, we need to come up with something that’s controlled by the people, not the wealthy, but the people and it needs to have an ethical code, a moral code that it runs by.”

Even those on capital hill believe a change is needed

“I hope people become sufficiently aroused by the outrageous behavior of the people on Wall Street and demand a much more democratic system where ordinary people have real power,” Senator Bernie Sanders says.

Michael Moore, his followers, and now even government officials want to prove once and for all that there is not much to love about a system that does not seem to return the favor.