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America's Middle East hypocrisy

Bahraini Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa met with Secretary of State Clinton recently, and the two walked out of their meeting saying that the US and Bahrain need to be working together on reform. Is that really the case, though?

­Michel Chossudovsky of the Center for Research on Globalization says Bahrain is in fact just another puppet state being controlled by America. While their figurehead may say that things are shaping up between the two nations, overseas it is a whole other story. What the US often paints as interventionism, says Chossudovsky, is often something much worse in disguise. 

“The  United States supports terrorism,” says Chossudovsky, “while at the same time presenting a humanitarian image which in fact is also fake.”

“We do not come to the rescue of civilians with B2 stealth bombers,” he adds.

While Clinton may make claims that a partnership with Bahrain is important for both nations, the truth, says Chossudovsky, is that the US is more interested in what the Middle East nation has to offer to America than what they can give back.

America’s real intention, says Chossudovsky, are lies in the naval bases that the US is already occupying.

“While looking at the construction,” he says. “Civilians think the base is expanding.”

He adds that many believe that the US is flying aircrafts out of a UK-operated base in the area as well.

With citizens speaking a story that rings different from the “partnership” that the crown prince and Clinton claim is only budding, what really will happen? According to Chossudovsky, the outcome will be the increased global militarization of US and NATO.