Lenin welcomes guests to different kind of utopia

A restaurant and casino in the U.S. have built a statue and bar in honor of an unlikely hero - Vladimir Lenin.

The founder of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin, stands 4.5 meters tall in the middle of an American gambler’s paradise – Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Comrade Lenin holding a martini glass stands proudly, waiting to greet the wealthy masses to Red Square, a Soviet-style restaurant. It offers 188 types of vodka, all on a 60-foot frozen bar, where people sit on hammer and sickle chairs waiting for their Soviet waiter to serve Lenin burgers – and talk about a revolution.

And while some say the statue of Lenin is not a good idea at all, many visitors seem to like it.

I think it’s very interesting. I think it’s very lifelike,” said one man.

“It looks like he’s having a good time with the drink, it’s a nicely built statue,” said a woman.

Some even recognize his contribution in history:

“I think he was an influential person in history, whether it was good or bad, and you need to recognize those that came before you, or it wouldn’t get us to where we are,” another visitor said.